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Powerweld Metalmaster Portable Torch Kit
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Item #: TRI-ARC Part # TEC-PTKC -
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Professional welding and cutting outfit. Portable Torch Kit. Contains all the equipment you need for cutting, welding and brazing. Cuts up to 6 inches (150mm) and welds up to 3/8 inches (9mm). Welding Torch: R100. Cutting Attachment: R1350. Cutting Tip: 0-3-101. Welding Tip: 0-W-I. Oxygen Regulator: 3130X. Acetylene Regulator: 313AC. Check Valve: CV20R, CV21L. Accessories: Goggles, striker, 12.5 foot twin hose. PTK-C comes with: OX-20 oxygen cylinder and AC-10 acetylene cylinder.